Marjan Tile Company has started its work since 1992 and has been producing various types of glazed porcelain tiles and tiles with specialized applications, including industrial anti-acid tiles, special facade tiles and special parking tiles with the help of experienced specialists. The use of the highest quality raw materials and modern technology in the world has continued its activities. In this way, it has won two national sample exporter titles and several provincial sample exporter titles.

In line with the strategy of Alborz Ceramic Company and in order to actively participate in the market of ceramic products, including large size ceramic tiles and miniature and mosaic ceramics and completing the product portfolio and gap in the market, Chita brand in miniature sizes up to 10 * 10 and designed and Its trial sales began in late 1993, and a very diverse and special collection of Chita designs has led to the very good environmental advertising process and the introduction of the brand’s products in the market since July 1994. Very good reception, architects, engineers, tile and ceramic sellers. And be the owners of taste.

This company started its activity in 2004 in the field of leverage sanitary valves production and after 8 years, with increasing quality and variety in its products and with proper quality management, in 2012, it was able to win the national standard of Iran and ISO 9001. Come. The company initially launched its products under the “Amerco” brand, but changed its name to “Chromat” after acquiring the standard logo and creating luxury models and modern Italian design.

Founded by Kashi Pars Company in the 70’s, it is one of the most well-known brands in the production of various types of ceramic and glazed porcelain coatings in Iran. The company’s products are produced and distributed in Alborz industrial town in Qazvin province by using the best technology in the world. The company is headquartered in Tehran. In 2013, Kashi Sina Company bought 53% of the company’s shares and became an ideal partner for Kashi Pars Company.

Baroj Tile was founded in 24th April 2019, Following the improvement of the quality of domestic products and the increasing progress of the ceramic tile industry in Iran. This brand with the Possession of the most of facilities and production line of superior factories in the field of domestic ceramic tile industry, As well as having well-trained and experienced experts trying to promote creativity and innovation in the design and creation of special, unique and luxurious products strives to take a new direction in this field. The Baroj brand currently covers parts of the European and South American markets with its Gulf markets, northern and eastern neighbors, and plans to gain more market share in the near future.

Avex started production in2018 with the support of 25 years of experience in the ceramic tile industry and in collaboration with a team of architects & engineers. Avex Ceramic stared with a knowledge – based approach to brand infrastructure development, so Avex creators were able to take a major step- forward in innovating and producing world – class quality Iranian products but the whole value of Avex is not just about producing quality, having a precious place in the audience’s mind puts a targeted relationship with the promotion of new sales promotion ads. By studying audience behavior and understanding the philosophy of lifestyle; Avex began to taste for specific people. Avex mission is to create a magnificent advantage for the construction site.